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Affordable. Simple. Clean.

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Bringing you the very best of dry cleaning from our seasoned garment care professionals. We’ve perfected the process of prolonging the life of your textiles so you can enjoy your wardrobe favorites for years to come.

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Home Cleaning

Your home deserves as much care as your clothing. We’ve curated a deep cleaning process to refresh your surroundings, from your den to your drawers.

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Personalized Laundry

Not just any old wash-and-fold. We personalize your laundry service with a careful 5-step process to revitalize your everyday basics. You can even choose your detergent, or select from our specialized athleisure and lingerie care services.


Pricing for Essentials

Daily wears

Shirt/blouse laundered 4
Shirt/blouse dry cleaned                15
Sweater/Cardigan 15
Golf Shirt/Polo 9
Blazer 15
Blazer + Bottoms (2 pc. suit) 31
Bottoms 14
Shorts 9
Coat 59
Outer jacket 35
Necktie/scarf 14
Dress 25

Leather products

Leather top or bottom                                    95
Leather jacket 115
Leather dress 115
Leather coat 135


Folded                                                   2
Hand pressed 6
R/R buttons 2
French cuffs 1

Pricing for Home Cleaning

Bed products

Duvet   twin/full         45      queen/king         60
Sheet   twin/full         15      queen/king         25
Pillow case    standard         6      king                       9
Comforter   twin/full         55      queen/king         65
Sham  standard      8      king                      11
Sheet set twin/full      40      queen/king        65
(2 pillow cases & sheets)


Hand pressed                                        6
R/R buttons 2


*For cleaning drapes, area rugs, carpets, upholstery/slipcovers, and table linens, call or email for quote

Pricing for Personalized Laundry

4/lb. minimum 10 lbs.

Detergents on Tap™

coming soon!

Special Care Items

Extra care athleisure                                    6
Extra care lingerie 6


Deodorize                                            6
Hang dry                                            6
Return on hanger                                            6
Dryer sheet                                            1

Our services are not limited to the above! Please call or email us if you have a specific request, and we'll get back to you shortly.