Welcome to Clean: Life's Dirty. We're Clean.

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You may have wondered, “Why would you choose Clean?” It’s only a simple 5 letter word. C-L-E-A-N. Life is fast-paced, complicated, and at times dirty, which is where we come in. Our purpose is to make sure your dry cleaning and laundry are straightforward, spotless, and most of all, simple.

Clean is a new service that offers high-quality dry cleaning at an accessible price in New York City. We will start by exclusively servicing the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Backed by decades of dry cleaning expertise, Clean provides a personalized experience for each customer with services ranging from dry cleaning essentials to cleaning household items.

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Wayne Edelman, the founder of Clean has said, “Clean is a way of life.” Emphasis on cleaning the right way isn’t the only commitment we make. Clean is more than just a traditional wash-and-fold or corner dry cleaner. We feel that our closets and home are extensions of ourselves. The Clean Life is defined as what we wear are reflections of who we are and how we want the world to see us but at the convenience we deserve to live our lives. This is why we treat every piece uniquely, with our simple 10-step dry cleaning process and your choice of Detergents on Tap™ in our Personalized Laundry to emulate a certain feeling and a process tailored to treat every stain or scuff. Our company name isn’t just how we return your clothes, but how we operate as a whole. Providing you with a seamless ordering experience, easy pick-up and dropoff, and a commitment to cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. Clean only uses environmentally-approved products in order to treat your clothes. We emphasize “Green Cleaning” because, unlike other dry-cleaners, we want to be cleaning clothes, while not dirtying up the earth.

Our founders Wayne and Marleen have envisioned this brand for over 10 years. Creating a brand that is traditional yet trendy and focuses on two things, family and quality. Family is the cornerstone of Clean, as we provide the utmost care for you and yours on life’s crazy journey. We understand that you can’t control what happens to the clothes you buy, whether your favorite Gucci handbag, that newly purchased dress from Neiman Marcus, or the piece you saw in a GQ or a fall fashion catalog. What we can assure you is that you can rest easy knowing the pieces you cherish will be taken care of the way they deserve. So take out that Yves Saint Laurent cocktail dress, throw on that custom Zegna suit, dig out that Gucci Fur from the closet, and when life happens, call the family that provides the most convenient dry cleaning in NYC.

Welcome to The Clean Life.

Lynn Luong