Circa Stories: UES, Represent!

Circa Stories is a series of origin stories that take you through the journey of Clean and how it came to be today.


“Leslie Jones raps about the Upper East Side. #SNL #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill #SNL44“ - SNL


Hey, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here. Big news here in the UES. We finally got the recognition we deserve.

Jk. It’s Jon from Clean. Saturday Night Live‘s (SNL) Leslie Jones, aka @lesdogggg, never ceases to get a chuckle out of us. This past Saturday during the James McAvoy and Meek Mill episode, SNL showed a music video featuring Jones rapping about one of her favorite towns in New York. No, not Harlem or Bed-Stuy, she says. It’s all about the U.E.S. Upper East Side, baby. Dilly Dilly.

"Y'all say it's boring, y'all say it's homogenous, but y'all don't know it like I do," Jones raps.

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I mean, the Upper East Side isn’t the first place we’d recommend as “Most Exciting NYC Places to Visit!" But, it does hold a special place in our heart. The Upper East Side was our first exclusive launch site before we expand to the rest of Manhattan and Long Island. Our CEO, Wayne Edelman, and COO, Marleen Cohen, saw the UES as the perfect Clean story. It housed all of the ideal Clean clients: go-getters, fashionistas, families. We launched September 19th and harassed a bunch of East Siders to try The Clean Life. Free stuff galore! We gave goodies from our Welcome Box that features all things that make life, well,… Clean.

Check out some our goodies:

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.33.40 AM.png

Flint Rollers

Get it? F lint. F*#! LINT. This is my personal favorite: The Flint Classic Lint Roller. Not only is it sleek and sexy enough to pop into your pocket, briefcase, or bag, but it embodies what the Clean Life is all about. Being as dirty as you want and staying sexy and sleek without the hassle. Thanks, Flint. F*#% you, lint.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.43.55 AM.png

Hate Stains Co.: Château Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Buttery, smooth goodness. Wine makes us all a little clumsy, so this red wine stain remover from Hate Stains is godly. Trust us, we tested all of theirs. They were kind of enough to jump on the Clean bandwagon to help our new clients experience what it means to be Clean after getting a little dirty. Having these SOS wipes changed our lives and allowed us to get, well, even clumsier.


Hate Stains Co.: Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater

Whoa, Dr. Suess up in this bleach! Another adorable favorite from Hate Stains collection. Love your kids but hate the stains. We get it. We get you, mama and papa bear. Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Treater (so fun to say, seriously) was an easy pick from our team because of our UES mom’s. We did a lot of research on these unicorns and found that convenient solutions like this stain wipe that you stick in your bag are AMAZING to happen upon when you’re fishing around in that cavernous magician hat of a bag. So take that all that and condense it into a wipe. We loved it so much, we made it a part of Clean.


Boot Rescue

Don’t be fooled by its name. As its website suggests, they exist to “[keep] shoes, boots, and handbags clean.” Au naturel. Their Boot Rescue is perfect for winter in New York City. Their Sandal Rescue is perfect for the summer. Their Handbag and Shoe Rescue are perfect for all year round. We gave some samples to our whole team and the next day they came back raving. We know your Allbirds and heels could use a quick pick-me-up. Trust me; Jon from Clean-certified.

Lesdog definitely should live The Clean Life. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. All of you reading this should go Get Clean.

  2. Sign up there. Or call us or email us if you want us to do. Hell, I’ll do it for you. Jon from Clean is a man of the people. DM me.

  3. Schedule a pickup.

  4. Give us your dirty stuff. Clothes, not secrets!

  5. Wait patiently for your Clean clothes and the Clean Box to be delivered by our charming Clean Concierges.

  6. Quickly snuggle your Clean bag and stare in awe of that fine cleaning we did…

  7. Okay, come back to me.

  8. Take some of the goodies for yourself.

  9. Take the other goodies and throw it at her GENTLY. Yell “VIVA THE CLEAN LIFE!” Don’t know where she is? I hear she’s on the SNL set every Saturday…

  10. She’ll be living The Clean Life like you and me in no time.


✌🏽XOXO. Jon from Clean

Jon From Clean