Patagonia and Marmot: Two Chill Brands


Wall Street Journal came out with an article about “What’s Up With Men Who Don’t Wear Coats in the Winter” and it was pretty fascinating. Men like comfort and not being constricted even in blizzards. But, boy, do they regret it.

Are you one of those people who never wears a jacket but always regrets it? Even though we’re counting down the days until spring, we don’t know what Mother Nature has in store for us. In order to get through the early year chill, you need a jacket that is as tough as the weather it’s going up against while giving you the comfort you need. Two jackets that are known for their ability to face the elements are Patagonia and Marmot. Your guy Jon from Clean has your back and is going to take a look at both to help determine which is best for you.


Founded in 1973, Patagonia is an authentic American brand based out of Ventura, California. Since its emergence in the mid seventies Patagonia has grown to become a staple in the world of outerwear- dubbed one of the most popular brands in 2019. Patagonia is one of many companies that is making strides in the way of functional clothing and moving away from fast fashion. With Patagonia products there is an emphasis on making a quality good that will not only serve its purpose, but also look great for years to come, despite changes in fashion trends. One such piece that demonstrates Patagonia’s commitment to this philosophy is the Men’s Topley jacket.

The Topley Jacket by Patagonia (Mens)

The Topley Jacket by Patagonia (Mens)

The Topley is one of Patagonia’s latest jackets that can be used to complete any outfit, while providing warmth from Northeast weather that can at time dip into single digits. Although this winter has been relatively tame thus far the Polar Vortex last week provided us with a cruel reminder that we all need to be properly bundled up without feeling like the stay puft marshmallow man.


Marmot, founded just one year after Patagonia in 1973, is a California based outerwear company, originally founded in Grand Junction, Colorado. Over the past four decades Marmot has consistently produced quality jackets and other performance products. Founded by two University of California Santa Cruz students while on a trip in Alaska, Marmot has grown from its humble beginnings to one of the most popular brands of 2019. Love a good startup story… reminds me of our beginnings 😏

Known for functional products that can maintain warmth up to -45 degrees, Marmot has a wide variety of outerwear jackets for any sort of winter weather one can expect to face. One jacket in particular is the Marmot Oslo Jacket. A lightweight (!!!) and warm down jacket the Oslo is easy to store and transport while working wonders to deter the weather around it. Its performance during winter lows makes buying Marmot jackets a must.

The Oslo Jacket by Marmot (Mens)

The Oslo Jacket by Marmot (Mens)

Both Patagonia and Marmot jackets are cleaned by the experts at Clean who have 50 years of experience dealing with gore-tex outerwear.

In a market which includes established brands such as Colombia, North Face, and Arc’teryx; both Marmot and Patagonia have maintained a sizable portion of functional outerwear sales. To understand the two jackets we are going to take a look at the price, specifications, and style of each.

Price and Specs:

Both brands fetch similar prices with Patagonia ranging from $300-$800 and Marmot between $200 and $600. The reason for the fluctuation in pricing is a result of the insulation level with in the jacket. For our specific jackets the Patagonia Topley and the Marmot Oslo are very similar in price, $399.99 and $425.00 respectively. The nearly identical price point is a reflection of the material that makes up the two jackets. Both the Topley and Oslo are made with a Gore-Tex waterproof 100% recycled polyester exterior paired with a 700-fill-power interior layer. A 700-fill-power insulated interior is obtained by recycling duck and goose insulation from down jackets. Both jackets also boast waterproof/adjustable hoods, waterproof exterior pockets, and an interior cell-phone pocket just inside the interior liner.


We have established the quality and durability of both jackets, there is no doubt that either coat will keep you warm when you venture outside. However, an issue that generally goes hand in hand with performance outerwear is “how can I make it look good?” The build of the Oslo and Topley jackets actually make layering them relatively straightforward, allowing you to look sleek rather than puffy.

The two differ in a few stylistic elements which really are the differentiating factor between which jacket makes sense for you. The first main difference between the two is length. The Patagonia Topley is a hip-length jacket while the Marmot Oslo goes to the mid-thigh. Not only is the length between the two different but the Patagonia Topley Jacket has two exterior snap button pockets while the Marmot Oslo has no exterior visible pockets. Our final stylistic difference between the two is the available colors for each jacket, the Oslo is available in Steel Onyx and Black while the Topley can be purchased in Forge Grey, Navy, Black, or Sediment. You can see the difference in fit and appearance between the two below:

No matter which way you go you’ll be getting your money’s worth. The difference between the two is really down to appearance and personal style preference. In terms of functionality both the Marmot Oslo Jacket and the Patagonia Topley Jacket are built to withstand the elements. Both will keep you warm during the last few months of winter, and make sure you look good doing it.

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